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You Need A Defense Attorney To Face Domestic Violence Charges

You may never expect to get arrested on assault charges, but all it takes is one arrest to potentially change your life forever. I have defended hundreds of people in North Texas facing assault charges.

Taking On Protective Orders

If you have been arrested for assaulting a family member, you will most likely be prohibited from being able to seeing your family and may be prohibited from living at your home. An emergency protective order that could last for 30 days or more, and severely limits your ability to see your spouse and children for the entire time.

If you fail to take action, you could permanently lose some of your rights, such as your right to own and possess firearms.

How I Can Help

The best way to ensure that your voice is heard in your domestic violence or neglect case is to hire an experienced defense attorney to represent you. I will examine the evidence and craft a defense that could keep you out of jail and help you maintain important rights, such as your right to spend time with your children.

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